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USA Time

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United States

United States time is divided into nine time zones by law, covering states, territories, and other US possessions. The majority of the United States observes daylight saving time during the spring, summer, and fall. A Department of Transportation regulation governs time zone boundaries and DST observances.

There are two federal agencies that provide accurate and official timekeeping services (clocks): the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the United States Naval Observatory (USNO). In addition to keeping their clocks synchronized, these services also work with other international organizations that keep time.

USA Timezone

The Contiguous United States has four time zones, from east to west

  • Eastern Time Zone (ET) - Approximately the eastern two-thirds of the Ohio Valley and the Atlantic coast fall within the Eastern Time Zone (Zone R).
  • Central Time Zone (CT) - A large part of the Gulf Coast, Mississippi Valley, and Great Plains lie within the Central Time Zone (Zone S).
  • Mountain Time Zone (MT) - Generally, the Rocky Mountain and western quarter of the Great Plains are part of the Mountain Time Zone (Zone T).
  • Pacific Time Zone (PT) - The Pacific Time Zone (Zone U) includes most of the Pacific coast states, as well as Nevada and Idaho.
Washington, DCGMT-4
Los AngelesGMT-7
Anchorage GMT-8
Honolulu GMT-10

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USA Time in 12 Hour Format (12h/24h)

The time is displayed in both 12h and 24h format in the USA, but in the majority of the USA Time is displayed in 12h format. In some places, however, The time is displayed in 24h format, but only in a few places. See the Table to better understand the USA time format. We display the time in 24h format. See the Table to better understand the USA time format.

24–hour clock12-hour clock
01:0001:00 AM
02:0002:00 AM
03:0003:00 AM
04:0004:00 AM
05:0005:00 AM
06:0006:00 AM
07:0007:00 AM
08:0008:00 AM
09:0009:00 AM
10:0010:00 AM
11:0011:00 AM
12:0012:00 AM
13:0001:00 PM
14:0002:00 PM
15:0003:00 PM
16:0004:00 PM
17:0005:00 PM
18:0006:00 PM
19:0007:00 PM
20:0008:00 PM
21:0009:00 PM
22:0010:00 PM
23:0011:00 PM
24:0012:00 PM

USA Time Now

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How many timezones are in the USA?

There are a total of Four timezones in the USA.

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